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Creative Work

Writing on Product Management

The Product Manager

5 Design Frameworks For Running Killer Product Ideation Workshops

How To Become A Product Manager Without A Technical Background

The Platform Product Manager: Why This Trendy Job Might Be Your Calling

Growth Product Management Vs. Traditional Product Management

Writing on News and Content Management

The Fix

The Business of Telling Stories 

(Published September 2, 2021)

Dynamic paywalls: the latest must-have tool for publishers? 

(Published October 18, 2021)

Beyond Bylines 

5 ways for Content Creators to Grow their Audience and their Revenue

(Published November 16, 2022)

Previous Work

FIRE can help you retire early. But at what cost? 

(Published November 29, 2019)

Global News 

Big Banks vs. Big Tech: Are internet giants poised to take over the financial system? 
(Published July 22, 2019)

Model that predicted 2008 financial crisis suggests another recession is coming: expert.
(Published July 17, 2019)

Here’s how Canada’s new tariffs on U.S. imports could impact your weekly shopping bill.
(Published July 6, 2018)

Here’s who’s using Facebook activity to get inside your head.

(Published March 21, 2018)


Everything you need to know about the ‘Netflix Tax.’

(Published February 23, 2017)

Devastated employees and struggling Canadian content: Behind the scenes of Shomi’s shutdown.
(Picked up by Financial Post, December 19, 2016)

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